Friday, 21 May 2010

Hi everyone. This week the Camas team was visited by George Fell, our first-aid trainer and expert in wilderness medicine. George taught us all about, well, a lot of stuff; from cuts and bruises to broken bones and CPR, he gave us the low down on how to treat injured people. We practiced our CPR on little Annies (they're dummies) and bandaged each other in just about every way conceivable! We had a great time with George who shares with Josef a love for Toto and such timeless classics as 'Rosanna' and 'I kissed the rains down in Africa'!

On Friday we were treated to a wee trip on Freya with Mark Jardin. The day was beautiful and clear and Mark brought us over towards the Burg to see the fossil tree and the caves along the coastline. We then made for Iona and spotted lots of wildlife on the way, including a bird with a cigarette in its mouth (i.e. the puffin!). We also saw lots of seals and actually one particularly curious seal came really close to the boat to get a better look at us. Mark then brought us into Martyr's Bay where we jumped off and went to the Abbey for lunch.
On Friday evening the Camas team was challenged to a football match against the Iona crew. Thanks to a lot of skill, endurance and aggression (aggression mostly from Cally!) we triumphed in style.

Later in the weekend, a few of us kayaked around the Camas Bay on what was a lovely clear day and the water was very still. We stayed out until late in the evening and it was quite special when a pair of otters stuck their heads up. We got very close to them as they plunged into the water to catch their fish and then emerged and happily scoffed their bounty!