Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Out door training is Done!!!

Hello all you Camas fans,

This is Cally Again; you remember that crazy chick from Oregon, right? Anyway, this last week we had our technical advisor out to teach us all about kayaking, ab sailing, hill walking, map reading, compass following, raft building, and outdoor safety. It definitely helped that our theme of the week was famous rappers, and we soon discovered that even though we had awesome rapper names-like k-tech, J-flex, and M-press- we should probably leave the rapping bit to the pros. People were being trained to lead and assist on all the different outdoor activities that we offer, and at the end of it all we went down to the local pub in Finnaphort and got some well earned fish and chips! Yeeee-haaaa. Oh, and Josef fire juggled one night, and that was pretty dang awesome! Rob fact #3- Why do we call nettles, nettles? Because fishermen used to use this fibrous plant for making nets. Pretty cool, huh? That's all for now folks! Tune in next week to hear more about our sustainable living week! Cheers.