Sunday, 2 September 2012

BIGG DAVE!!!!!!!

This being my fourth year coming to camas I am beginning to feel somewhat of a camas veteran, and with some members of our group coming for a 7th 8th and even 9th year running, we know the drill of how it all works.
Or so we thought………
After a fairly smooth journey from our home in the midlands, everyone was eager to get to camas, so when we walked over the final hill (on what seems to be an ever longer track) and the buildings came into view their were ear to ear grins from everyone, however there was a change about the place and the more beady eyed of the group spotted it right away…. What had been the dining room for oh so many years had been ‘converted’ into a sitting room, this led to the next question of where is the dining room? It had in fact been moved upstairs to what was the games room, so then where in the world was the pingpong table? Which we were quickly told was now in the art room. After a short while of getting over the change, camas life settled in around us and we settled into it.

Sunday came around quick and we split into two groups ready for climbing and abseiling and team games. There was great success on the wall this year with almost everyone reaching the top, and the abseiling went off without a hitch. The team games were full of excitement and fear as the snake goddess (who shall not be named for her own safety) wasn’t letting anyone off lightly. During this game started a love story that lasted the week between Keith (a rubber duck) and one of our own members who were never parted until the end of the week (which was very sad indeed, a bit like titanic and chicken run mixed together but sadder) at the end of the track.

The week went on fast, and before we knew it it was time to go camping on market bay, where for the first time we got to experience…. ‘THE LOO WITH A VIEW’ which did indeed live up to its name but nobody stayed long enough to enjoy the view. The camping was great fun, and will leave some fantastic memories for all.
Suddenly it was Thursday which meant one day left!!!!! Thursday started with some great news for the A level candidates with A grades flying around left right and centre. Of course all these results were overshadowed by the greatest and epicest of things that is the CAMAS CHALLENGE (said with the voice of the X-factor man), with fajitas cooking in the kitchen, thoughts being provoked in the nets and some serious and I mean serious red hot dancing, this camas challenge was one to remember!
 Friday’s early morning call came and the realisation that this was the end settled in. The rain came down hard but this did not dampen the spirits of this awesome community, after some very emotional goodbyes to some truly inspirational and great people the bus pulled away and that was the end.

Until next year…. Good bye. Joe