Sunday, 2 September 2012

Olympic Games at Camas!

On the 14th of July we got a new exited bunch of teenagers from Glasgow coming to stay the week at Camas. This week we were going to go over to Iona for some fun Olympic Games with the rest of their families who were staying there. But before that happened on Wednesday we were doing all kinds of fun, and interesting stuff in the rain. A walk up to Trig Point, abseiling and kayaking were done with an impressive amount of enthusiasm considering blanket rain.
Then came Tuesday night when the older teenagers from the group sat down with their leaders and some Camas staff to prepare the great Iona Olympics! Have you ever done a Rowing competition indoors? Well, I can proudly tell you that we have! Though it didn’t include boats but instead plastic cups, jugs and of course WATER. So how do you play this game you might wonder? That, I’m going to tell you.

The Iona Olympic Rowing Challenge
Divide into teams of at least 5 people; sit down on the floor with a plastic cup in each hand. The person in front has a bucket, or similar, filled with water in front of them. The person in the back has 2 empty plastic jugs behind them. Give the teams about 2-3 minutes time limit. The game begins by the person in the front fill up the cups with water, and passes it over their shoulders to the person behind them trying to fill up the other persons cups without spilling any water on the floor (or all over themselves). The rest of the team keep on going in the same way until the last person who have to carefully fill up the plastic jugs in the same manner as the other team members have filled up each other’s cups. When this is done, the person first in the line can fill up the cups once more. The team who has most water in their jugs by the end of the game have won the Rowing competition!

Amongst the games we also came up with; Over-Under Relay, Net volley ball, Orienteering and the Nun-Run (like hundred metres but around the Nunnery on Iona) who finished off the Iona Olympics for this time.
Thank you all for a great week here at Camas! I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!