Sunday, 2 September 2012

Coasteering adventures

New week, new youths! A group from Glasgow came to take over Camas for an exciting and adventurous week filled with new experiences.

We spent time in the Art room doing loads of fun stuff. Felting, marbling paper, wrote our names on the beams in the ceiling and quite a few fell for the art of making friendship bracelets, especially the leaders (who made friendship bracelets not only for the youths but also for the youth’s friends and family!!). 

Coasteering  was a new concept on our rota for this week. It includes getting into wetsuits,  buoyancy aid and helmets and then head out, not completely fearless, to the islands in front of the Camas buildings to climb around them on the rocks and in the water. To finish the whole thing off, you simply jump off a big rock at the end and go for a swim. After you've done that, you come into the common room for a nice evening in front of the fire.

Monday night just after 9 o’clock we suddenly had dolphins in the bay, jumping and playing around, it was a nice view as the sun was about to set soon afterwards. A few were very interested but most of the people hanging around were playing ping-pong and pool instead. 

Tuesday afternoon we all headed out for a walk to Market Bay and Wild Camp. Exciting times! Football on the beach, swimming in the sea and marshmallows around the campfire could life be better? Well, the next morning we woke up to glorious sunshine and bacon rolls! Lucky group (and staff) who got something else than scones for breakfast! 

This group also had the pleasure to wear our new fancy wetsuits that we got earlier that week, for the first time! I must say that they all looked very stylish. Wearing brand new wetsuits comes with one obligation though: jumping off the pier into the water for a swim in the sea, which they did with laughter and style!

The week ended as usual with the Camas Challenge and loads of fun games, some of them which I think they learned during the week.

Thank you for a great week with loads of fun guys! Come back soon!