Monday, 19 May 2014

As weeks merge into a month...

Last Week had Camas descended on by 7 young folk from Castlemilk High, in Glasgow. For the new volunteers this was our first youth group of the season, and we were excited to meet them! The 3 days were filled with sporadic sunshine and lots and lots of banter. We abseiled and kayaked, John took a few guys out on his boat, we toasted marshmallows and built fires in the evenings and the boys enjoyed lots of cooking.
We loved them into submission and by the end we’d created bonds that will outlast their stay and we hope to see them again later on this season.
We at Camas are given the chance to offer freedom and choice, elements of community that are totally new to some people and this has been a key part of the past week. We learned how to better support each other and create a trust between ourselves and the group.
It’s hard to put into a blog post how enriching Camas life has been so far, finding our individual stride within the Camas routine and building our mental (and physical!) capacities. Waking up each day and remembering that this is where we live is something I can’t get over!!! We are in this incredible secluded bay, we are able to take responsibility for ourselves, our waste, what we bring down from the ‘outside world’, is heavy in our wheel barrows and we are able to utilize our natural surroundings (the wind, and pete, and sunshine!), enabling us to fall less upon other unsustainable resources. In times of reflection I am overwhelmed with the luck that we’ve all come together, and each week with a new dynamic and a new group, to this beautiful space on this beautiful world!!!!!! Happy Monday! And happy 1st month (TODAY!) that the new volunteers have been here!!!!  
Love Rach 
 interesting objects making their way down the track..

Climbing during training week..... IN THE SUNSHINE!!!!