Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Sacred Work

"Work, yes, endless as rain, but also warmth and plenty and safety."
 from the novel Hild by Nicola Griffith

After two weeks of staff training with the new volunteers, the garden week guests have arrived.  As a volunteer I feel like the real work of Camas has begun: the work of welcome, hospitality and of building this place up.  The work of the first half of the week included planting potatoes, weeding and planting in the poly tunnels, building a net over the fruit bushes and expanding the woodland, among other tasks. Halfway through the week, our work has already yielded visible progress. 

Here in community, work takes on an even deeper significance beyond the tangible results. When we work in a spirit of care, love and comraderie, the work becomes its own reward.  In working together for the well-being and dignity of others, we find our place in community and our own dignity and well-being.  In this way our work becomes sacred.  I'm delighted to finally play a part in welcoming the guests to a week of yes, work, and also warmth, plenty and safety.