Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Frisbee, fishing and facial hair

This week we welcomed a group of kids from a youth club in Edinburgh down the track. The group struggled with certain parts of the week, including the chores and the vegetarian food, but got into other things, especially swimming across the bay at high tide, jumping off the wall over and over again, then swimming back while begging for a tow from one of the safety kayaks!

One highlight for me was the wild camping trip. We packed our heavy bags full of tents, clothes, sleeping bags and food, walked up the track then drove to Knockvologan farm, stopping at Fionnphort's Ferry Shop on the way so they could stock up on some essentials (crisps). Some found the walk from Knockvologan along the coast difficult and it was slow going but eventually we made it to the lovely beach campsite. We spent a pleasant evening watching the sun set, playing hacky sack and bocce, and sitting around the driftwood fire toasting marshmallows. The next morning we managed to pack up and get going despite the rain, and headed back into Camas, stopping for an involved session of the German Foot Game in which Maddie managed to split her waterproof trousers!
The week included a lot of time spent throwing things: the frisbee, the hula hoop over the fishing pole, rocks at the bell, plus the odd tantrum. At other points we had mini table tennis tournaments, built a raft and a shelter, learnt guitar chords and imitated each others' accents and slang. The boys had a go at fishing with improvised fishing rods made from wool and paperclips.

At the moment the ground around Mull is covered with all sorts of wildflowers, including about 50 different kinds of small yellow flowers that are just about impossible to distinguish from one another.
Most of the Camas men have been busy over the past few weeks with another activity on top of all the camping, cooking, cleaning, abseiling and kayaking: not shaving. With the exception of Rob 'quitter' Stevens, we're all doing our best to end the season with thick, bushy beards. Wish us luck and check back here regularly for detailed beard bulletins.

Thanks to the group for an interesting week and thanks to you for reading!
- Hamish