Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Work Weeks!

Hello Bloggers!

It has been a while so there is quite a bit to update you all on. After our group left us from Sheffield, we were left with two weeks of graft ahead of us! There is always plenty to do! Starting Sunday 12th June, the staff started on the maintenance list hoping that within the next couple of weeks there would be plenty of items that could be ticked off.

During the first week, the camas staff were joined by some lovely volunteers, who put a lot of effort and energy in to the week! We also had some guests over from Iona, they also worked very hard and really enjoyed the feel of Camas. The weather was also on our side this week, so it was all hands on deck for work in the garden. The garden had taken a battering from the weather in the past few weeks, but with the hard work from volunteers and staff over the next couple of weeks the Garden was transformed! A new bed was created, all of the existing beds were rejuvenated and given a fresh bit of life!

As the first week ended and the guests departed, there was a real sense of achievement as a productive week had justbeen completed. This left a real excitement around Camas for the second work week!

The second week yet again blessed us with some fantastic weather and another set of fantastic volunteers, ready and willing to help! It was again nice to have people over from Iona so they can see how this side of the Iona community lives and works. With people scattered around the garden working hard, other tasks such as painting and cleaning were to be done! This was very well supported by Liz Patterson who is the convienor of the Camas committee. She stepped in to hold Camas together for a few days while the Camas residents were off on a course!

As both of the work weeks came to an end, all of the Camas staff were reunited as a team again and had to prepare for the invasion of a full centre the following day. The past two weeks were full of laughter and hard work, it was amazing getting to know so many different people. We cannot thank you enough for the effort everyone has put in!

Bring on the group from Penicuik...............