Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Happenin' pal?

Back at Camas (briefly the sunshine capital of Scotland), we had a dyno week with a group fay Glasgow. We opened proceedings with an afternoon of cricket on the lawn. Rob had the tekkers, Becky had the butterfingers and Hamish went for the dive, despite the sheep poo, and got the catch. That is the kind of commitment we like to see and it continued with a blinding, leap of a move in Ninja Mega Destruction (you know who you are, young grasshopper). Clearly, there were great things to come but...

It was not without challenge. The homecooked, homegrown food here proved unappealing (boggin' was the more polite term used) for some but turns out that's not a problem if you've packed your bodyweight in chocolate, pot noodle, juice and sweets in your rucksack. They showed us what real food is when they served us up chips 'n' curry the final evening. Pure healfy, Man! Thankfully they spared our Camas chickens from the pot.

On Monday, Josef, Becky and Hamish took the group for a camp out and ceilidh on Iona. It was the best time at North End Beach catching frisbee, barefoot football, bocce and sunset. Dullion!
Not that we can forget dancing with the ladies at the village ceilidh. Made a great impression there, lads. Unfortunately, Becky took a belter to her heed the next morning but nae bother, it was bacon rolls all round and back to Camas, happy.

Returning from an Iona, there was a really good atmosphere and top weather for the rest of the week. The epic game of Blobfish, fishing out at sea, the patter ("Gonnae dae that"), the bog dodging. Then, there was the titanic raft race. Did it matter who won in the end? Depends which raft you were on, maybe! But the real finish was with everyone jumping off the wall. Pure heavy belter!

Finally, big thanks to you all for helping me out with the wee dictionary of Glaswegian. It's come in well handy this week:

"Don't get wide, ya wee dafty!"