Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Penicuik Invasion!

After a couple of calm work weeks the centre was being prepared for a mass invasion by a group from Penicuik. The camas staff set off down the track and were met by a group of 28 enthusiastic people ready to throw everything in to fun filled week! It is fair to say that cooking for 40 people was a great challenge!

After the group had settled in and spent their first night at camas, they were ready to start on all of the activities the centre has to offer! The activities unfortunately had to take a rain check as the first day was met with miserable weather! The children were not put off by the weather and enjoyed games such as ninja mega destruction and the rope game. The next day allowed for the groups to get in the water in the Kayaks and down the wall in the quarry! Later on in the week the group took a short trip down the road to Ardalanish, where they enjoyed looking round and then spent time on the beach playing games.

The week had run past us and it came for the group to set up a night of entertainment for the staff! With a wonderful meal cooked and consumed, a great last reflection, the group took great pleasure in watching Josef and Tom sock wrestle! Josef coming out the undefeated champion! The group then shared songs round a camp fire. The week drew to an end. It was a very enjoyable week, it was great to have Penicuik here!

Many thanks to Tom Wardle who came to help out the camas staff for a week!